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DRIVER: Steve Maas

DIVISION: Late Model

CAR#: 00

NICKNAME: Captain Steve

PRIMARY RACE TRACKS: Colorado National Speedway & the United Statlate-model-fan-cardes Late Model Association (USLMA)

BIOGRAPHY: Starting out as 1/4 mile street class drag racer, Stevehas raced Harley Davidsonmotor cycles, and Mopar cars.  His favorite car was a 1970 Dodge Charger with a 440 motor which his brother Pete had built.  Since Steve has raced circle track, he has raced primarily in the Sportsman division, and has also raced Superstock in 2009.  With his recent upgrade to Late Model, the entire crew will be tested to the max.  Steve gives 100% credit to his brother Pete for his help including complete circle track setup before races, and maintenance, as well as repairs after some big hits on the track.  Steve is still new to circle track racing, but he is of one of the track favorites at Colorado National Speedway.  Best known for a give it your all style, Steve will never give up.  When introduced on the track with his nickname "Captain Steve", it is usual followed by a loud crowd cheer.


DRIVER: Pete Maas

DIVISION: Sportsman

CAR#: 01

NICKNAME: Champagne SuperNova

PRIMARY RACE TRACKS: Big Country Speedway

BIOGRAPHY: Pete had raced at Colorado National Speedway, and is a main event trophy winner at High Country Speedwaypete-sportsman-pit in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and has also won quick time trophies at High Country.  Pete is an firm believer that races are won in the shop, and you simply prove it on race day at the track.  The detail he puts in every little part, and setup is amazing.  He had built the "01 Super Nova from scratch, and turned it into a trophy car.  Watch out, because he is favored to be the next High Country Speedway Sportsman champion.  Please see our Race Car Services page.  It explains what Pete Maas can do in his shop if you other driverswant some very high quality circle track repairs, setup, fabrication or engine work.  No one will beat Pete's detailed work ethic, and there's no one more honest when it comes to fair pricing.


dick-race-09DRIVER: Dick Maas


CAR#: #11

NICKNAME: Dick The Quick

PRIMARY RACE TRACKS: Auto Club Famoso Raceway (Bakersfield, CA)

BIOGRAPHY: Dick started racing circle track in Wisconsin.  He raced the "LiL" Cobbler #11.  The 1957 Plymouth had more horsepower than any car on the track, but it needed it because it was also the biggest car on the track.  Dick now drag races rails at Auto Club Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield, CA.  Like his youngest brother Pete, Dick puts every detail possible into his race cars.  His nickname "Dick The Quick" is well deserved as you can see his trophy in the picture above after a fierce battle at the raceway.heather-firesuit-3-23-10


DRIVER: Heather Maas

DIVISION: Superstock

CAR#: #14

NICKNAME: All Together Heather

PRIMARY RACE TRACKS: Colorado National Speedway

BIOGRAPHY: Heather is 16 years old, and has been in the racing scene for many years, although 2010 is her first year on the track as a driver.  Heather is also involved in other activities including basketball, and she plays guitar in a teen rock band.  With Heathers great attitude, look forward to a good first year of entertainment on the track in 2010, and for many years to come.

If you would like to ask any Maas Racing driver a question, or give a comment, please email at and give reference to the driver you with to talk to.  We would all like to personally thank our great fans for all your support at the track.  Remember to come and visit us in the pits after each race.